Walking the talk

I talk from experience, and coach with passion. But what does this mean? Read on to see how I 'talk the walk'.

Walking the talk

Well how should I begin? Maybe its best to point out that many people can talk very well and very much about many subjects. But what makes the difference in terms of credibility? Well it is someone that can actually relate to their talk by means of self experience and actually doing it them selves! It’s called “Walking The Talk”
I am able and willing to be there for you 100%. I will get you the results that you truly desire. I will not be content with medial results, I am only interested and committed to excellence, and to fulfilling what it is you want for yourself, and would expect from an excellent Coach. That's Why I offer a Guarantee!
What I want to do
So what I want to do now is show you some of the areas, issues, trauma, and general misfortunes that have taught me how to be in a position to help others. Coaching is for me, an ideal career to change or enhance peoples lives that need some help or guidance in theirs at the moment.
It’s not important whether you can relate to any of the following or not. But what is important is that you understand that I can show you the hard earned letters after my name, but they them selves do not represent the following you will read, and it is this exact reason I want to share these times with my new clients, I want you to know that I can walk the talk in both academic and in true life experiences.
This short description should show you what it is, that has helped me to become who I am today. It is paramount that you understand that I do not want any sympathy for the following as I would not change even one thing in my life, as they have all been such valuable lessons and teachers for me. I am truly thankful for all things in my life both good and bad, especially the bad, because they were only bad for a time, time enough for me to make choices or plans to change things, instantly when possible, or at a future date when not. I only hope I can inspire you to do the same in any area of your life that you are not 100% happy with. Do not accept less than 100% as you are worth it! So for those of you that caused me pain or suffering, that are out there reading this, THANK YOU! Thank you for your input, I no longer hold any grudges against you. We are all here to do a job in and out of each others lives. I only hope that it’s also made you a better person as well.
Recounting my personal 'walk'
I was bullied at the early age of 5 up until the age of 12, watched my father leave the marital home and became fatherless for many years. I then went on a session of multiple house and school changes, living like a gypsy in many respects, resulting in a total of 14 different schools and probably double that in the way of homes, between the ages of 6 to the age of 13.

This in its self caused many knock on effects such as continuously being the NEW BOY! Being bullied, feelings of insecurity, lack of belonging, continuously making friends , then losing them, not to mention the pure lack of education. I just went from one subject to another not knowing how it started, what it was about and having no idea how to complete it. I would no sooner start to grasp what was being taught and then I would be uprooted and placed yet again into a lonely, strange environment with other strange and new learning's to be encountered. Only to find the same thing was to happen 14 more times in total.

I experienced poverty and hunger; some times I would go 3 days without food, only eating a few sweets or chew bars that coppers could buy. I know what it is like to be on the “Bread Line” Birthdays, and Christmas became agendas for other families, but not ours. They only served as reminders that we were different, and did not have money for extravagance such as gifts or presents. These were things that many other people considered to be normal practice. However we did somehow manage to enjoy what we did have, which was each other. Holidays for me were non existent and I got my very first holiday when I was 26 years of age, this was to Tenerife.

So moving on now, at the age of 9 I went to live back with my Father, he taught me every thing I know about independence. After just weeks I was keeping house, this involved, looking after my little brother Michael who was just 6. I would wash clothes, Iron them, clean the house, groom and dress my self and my brother Michael. Cook for all of us, shop, and get us both off to school each day. My Father was at work all the time and I only got to see him late at night if he woke me when he arrived home, but this was only for a few minutes as he never arrived home sooner that 2.00am.

While other kids would play after school I had chores to do but it was ok as I knew why I had this responsibility, I felt that I now had at least some control about what was happening.

My Father was in the hotel trade and this contributed to many more factors of fate to come, such as 7 more homes, schools and environments. My father was the life and soul of any social event and had a fantastic sense of humour; his down fall was the alcohol. Although it didn’t ever change his actual character or moods that you would notice, he was truly loved and adored by many, he was the sweetest most lovable and funny man you could wish to meet. He was however an alcoholic which sadly killed him at the early age of just 49.

At the age of 10 I was introduced to my father’s girl friend she was very kind and very sweet to start with but after she moved in with us things changed terribly. She would go into very quick mood swings of rage and anger; both my brother Michael and I soon became afraid of her especially when she would beat me.

I am thankful to her that she only chose me to abuse rather than Michael but they got worse and worse as time went on, maybe it was because I became resilient to the beatings and she could sense that my hurts were lesser, but there are two occasions when she went to far. The first I will tell you about now and the second later.

She would always use an instrument to hurt me with, usually what ever was close too hand. Mainly it was household wood such as stiff hand brushes or brooms or mops any thing that she could swing. If I managed to get away she would throw a missile such as ornaments, crockery, coins etc

Due to certain details that followed I have removed a large chunk of this section as they are graphic and personal. For those that are interested in this missing part, please feel free to e-mail me your details and I will send it on in "Word" format. I have done this on reflection that not all people are interested. It was included initially to reach other unfortunates that may still be trapped and THINK that there is no hope……………….

In summary

I hope this helps you in some small way, and if nothing else will give you hope and determination to succeed in what ever it is you want to achieve. Maybe you can do it alone and if so well done! But if you’re not sure then drop me a line and we will go from there. Life is for living but also for sharing in both good and bad times. I just want to end this now by saying I can look back in my life and regret nothing! If I was to die tomorrow I can honestly say I have had a brilliant and fantastic life and I would not change anything!
Thank you so much for taking the time to read these few short pages that represent what happened between the ages of 6-13 of the 47 years of my life. One day I will write a book to tell all, as what you have read so far (including the missing insert) represents only about 14% of my life so far. So If there are any Ghost writers, Authors, or any one that can fund such a project then please contact me as I am sure it would make a best seller! Thank you!

You made me open my eyes, just saying the things clearly, just making me to understand the reality of the situation, and it was much easier to take a decision...

Lucia - Spain Castellon

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