Can I afford life coaching?

What a great and crucial question this is. Lets explore the reality of the cost to you, your life, your desires and your dreams if you do not take any action.

What's the cost?

If you are not reaching your full potential in life, have any issue or issues that you feel are slowing you down or stopping you from fulfilling your dreams, then ask your self this question… What's the cost to my life? please take some sort of action for your own sake. Even if you do not feel that you need a coach, fine, but then please take some steps to make your life better and your dreams come true! Its all down to you to take this action.
What you must get very clear in your mind and thoughts is that without a Coach you will not get the direction, clarity, and accountability. You will simply drift on by not knowing which road, or path to take. So by all means keep on telling yourself you can do it alone with out spending any money or energy on yourself and hopefully you are right, hopefully you can do it. If you are wrong when will you know it and what will it have cost you?
Change takes drive
What else needs to go wrong before you say " I want what I deserve right now, today, yesterday! Why fight against your self? Its your life make it work, or collect a few more noughts on your bank balance, that really works just ask a celebrity….Not!
Because I want to reach many people from all walks of life I have now introduced 3 different packages to hopefully suit all budgets and all separate needs. I have called these packages …….Bronze, Silver & Gold
The cost for a single coaching session will depend on which package you choose. However the prices will start as low as £40.00 and the maximum at the moment is £100.00.
Each session is about an hour, again depending on which package you choose. Please get in touch for more details.
Of course its not a "One Session Quick fix" most clients will book a series of 6 sessions over a period of time that sits comfortable with them. The most cost affective way is to book a block of 12 sessions in either Bronze, Silver & Gold.
Even if you do not require the whole 12 at once you can keep the unused sessions for a later date or pass them on as a gift to someone else.
And just to help you justify spending this on yourself let me show you one of my personal favourite real life experiences.
This is the £8.00 Per Min. I was charged. I asked a Lawyer to type me a legal document that took 15 minutes and cost me £120.00. W o W ! I worked this out from an invoice that was all detailed out by the minute. But of course we all need Lawyers and hopefully Coaches too.
So my £1.08 a min (as an average) looks great against the lawyers £8.00 a min or indeed my £65.00 per hour (as an average) compared to the lawyers £480.00 per hour.
If you book a series of 6 you will get the last session free (6 for the price of 5, 12 for the price of 11 etc).
Getting ready
I will need you to fill in some forms before the session so I can evaluate your situation thus giving us more time on the phone or face to face Coaching together, and of course giving you more value for money. These forms can be sent by e-mail and returned as soon as you like.

Remember you can choose how many sessions you want, there are no minimums or maximums, you choose, you’re in control all the way through. As I have said the minimum tends to be 6 sessions; this gives enough time between sessions for you to take the actions necessary. We decide on these actions together.

As mentioned above I have introduced a Gold, Silver, and Bronze Package, so feel free to take a look or contact me now!

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