The secret to the secret

The Secret is a publishing phenomenon! It has sold over 1.3 million copies in the US alone. It was written by an Australian television producer and is based on “The Law Of Attraction”

The truth about the secret

People have been flocking to buy The Secret “DVD”, The Secret book, The Secret hand book to understanding The Secret! The Secret “Video” etc etc.
The problem I have with it, is that it proclaims (in a matter of fact manner) to be the answer to all of life’s deepest mysteries.
It was written by an Australian television producer and is based on “The Law Of Attraction”
The Law of Attraction?
Now I have no problem with “The law of attraction” in its self, as in its pure essence is a fantastic and very powerful way to live your life and encourage your dreams and goals to manifest from the world of thoughts in to the world we live in or shall we say the “physical” world.
Like attracts like, what you think about most of the time does tend to manifest it self.
That’s why we hear those sayings such as “it never rains but it pours” or that other one that’s more positive in its essence of “When you’re waiting for a bus for ages, then all at once 3 arrive at the same time" It’s the same thing.
If we want some thing bad enough we do think about it a lot hence it having a greater chance to manifest itself.
When we are down and not thinking in a positive or inspiring way, things do tend to get worse - but when we are lucky enough to have things change for the better then its so much easier to be upbeat and think…”life’s not so bad” and guess what? Things start to improve all round…why? Because your thoughts have changed.
We as humans have an average of over 50,000 thoughts per day, so if you are in a negative state it’s not surprising that you will manifest more negativity into your life.
Compound that on a daily basis, and its not going to enhance your life in the way you desire. I have a solution to this that I will speak about later on, but for now just realise that there is a way out of any dilemma you are in.
Back to the secret...
If you have read the book or watched the DVD on The Secret, then you will probably agree with me that it goes over the top in simplifying that all you have to do is… “Make your wish and deliver it to the universe”

I do not mock the essence of what it talks about in principle but I do strongly disagree with how simplistic the message is being sent out.

I foresee many open minded people being sucked in to what is a fantastic and true message, but is being delivered in a fancy dressed up-media marketing package that 95% of people that try it as they recommend will be disappointed and put it “under the sink” only to forget about it.

What they fail to address is the sheer hard work, determination, resilience, education, talent, skills, focus and being accountable at all levels as your own responsibility.
So why am I different
I as a Life Coach I realize the importance of what “The Secret” is trying to portray, however it is in my opinion lost in its fairy story way of, and in their words not mine say.. “All you have to do is put in your order with the universe. Ask. Believe. Receive”
As promised earlier there is a solution to your dilemmas or dissatisfaction in any areas of your life, a way of making sense of it all.
What you need is to have a plan, a goal and know what you want. Now even that part might sound easy but it’s actually the hardest part.
Because this is your foundation to your success. Like a house built on an uneven and rocky surface, no matter how great the house its self is, it will all come crumbling down sooner or later with broken dreams and hopes.
Get the foundation right and the rest is just time and effort, but with lasting results!
You need to have a Life Coach to get you started, to get you there.
The Coach will start you off in the correct direction, with all the gear you will need for survival and comfort.
He or she will make you realise that by making you aware of all the clutter you carry is only weighing you down which in turn will slow you down and make your journey longer and tiresome, maybe so much so that you will give up.
So with a lightened and minimized load you will increase your chances 100, 200, 300%, or more of achieving your dreams, goals wants etc.
Then once you are free and focused on what it is you really need in your life and what is truly important for you, we can then amongst many other tools use the law of attraction in a more positive and realistic way to make sense of the essence of what I believe is within “The Secret”

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