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Why Choose Us?

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We are flexible
This coaching institute site is set up with you the client in mind. That's why if you choose to have just a couple of sessions initially, then find that you wished you had taken advantage of one of the service packages to help with life or even just lifestyle, then you can simply change your mind and have what you have already paid, transferred over to your chosen life coaching package.
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A personal service
NO automated messages, no long questionnaires. When you ring my number you will at worst get a voice message that enables you to leave me a message and ultimately your Tel Number, so I can call you back personally. Most other times I will answer the call myself.
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'All In' pricing
No hidden costs! As you are probably aware when Telephone Coaching takes place it is normal for the client to call the Coach for the one hour sessions each time. Here we call you on the pre arranged times. However if you wish to call us for what ever reason then that’s fine to, but we offer this as a further service/saving to you the client.
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Real Proof
If you have not yet read the testimonials then please do so and see how others feel about Coaching with a life guru. Just give me a call, after I call you back you can have a no obligation free chat. This will give you the opportunity to ask me any thing that's not clear here on the site and we can take things from there.

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Hello again readers, in this issue we are going to look at ANGER!.

We will look at it in a few dimensions, analyse it and see how thought spirituality we can alter its effect upon us and many others that are connected to us directly or indirectly...


You made me open my eyes, just saying the things clearly, just making me to understand the reality of the situation, and it was much easier to take a decision...

Lucia - Spain Castellon

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